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About Us

The Kingsman has been a student-run newspaper on Brooklyn College since 1950. In it’s time, it has served as the eyes and ears of Brooklyn College, winning awards and raising awareness from larger New York publications, such as the New York times. Topics from on-campus events to New York politics are covered in the weekly issues. Papers are distributed every Wednesday morning at the entrance of every building at Brooklyn College. All students are encouraged to reach out to any of the following editors and start writing for The Kingsman.

Meet the Editors:

Quiara Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief

Quiara Vasquez is a TV/Radio major who’s been an editor at The Kingsman since 2016. She’s perhaps most famous on-campus for her incisive arts criticism, which netted her the Brooklyn College Journalism Program Award for Feature Writing; but her writing for campus publications has covered everything from Christian evangelism to the Coney Island boardwalk to racial bias in CUNY admissions. She lives in South Brooklyn with her mother and several spiders.

quiara (at)

Rosy Alvarez, Business Manager


Rosy Alvarez is a staff writer and business manager at The Kingsman. She’s a senior/soon-to-be grad in the Murray Koppelman School of Business. Although she is passionate about politics and social justice, you’ll often find her reading an old book or taking pictures of people and places.

rosybethalvarez (at)


Samantha Castro, Layout Editor


Samantha Castro is  double majoring in Film Production and Journalism. She’s currently layout editor for The Kingsman. Her interest in journalism dates back to high school when she was forced to take the class. After covering events of her interest and writing about them, it became fun. A year after, she became managing editor for her high school newspaper. She mainly covers feature stories and local stories.

castro.samantha.98 (at)


Allison Rapp, Managing Digital Editor


Allison Rapp is a sophomore Journalism student, and has been writing for The Kingsman since January. Though originally from Buffalo, she’s thrilled to be living, working, and writing in the greatest city on the planet. She covers nearly everything on campus, but especially loves anything CUNY and New York City related. When she’s not reporting for The Kingsman, you can find her at a rock n’ roll concert or at home in Brooklyn with her record collection. 

rappal17 (at)


Ryan Schwach, Managing News Editor


Ryan Schwach is a sophomore film major here at Brooklyn College, and Managing Editor on the Kingsman. Journalistic writing is somewhat in his blood, both parents worked for their high school papers, and his Grandfather was Managing Editor of his local paper in Rockaway Beach for nearly 25 years. Ryan can generally be found watching movies no one else but him likes, cheering for the Yankees, or being aggressively sarcastic.

rschwach11 @


Jasmine Peralta, Sports Editor


Jasmine Peralta is a Journalism major and the current sports editor for The Kingsman. In 2017, the Queens native transferred from LaGuardia Community College with a degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Journalism and began her news writing as a staff writer covering on-campus events and affairs concerning poor maintenance in Ingersoll Hall.

jasmine.peralta @


Stop by the office at Brooklyn College, Roosevelt Hall, Room 118R if you have any questions or story ideas. Office hours are Tuesdays 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. and Mondays 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Letters to the Editor can be sent to any of the above emails.

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