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Write for us!

Interested in writing for The Kingsman? Below are the positions. Click the link to for a begin an application for a fall 2019 position:


E-Board ($500 per issue)

Editor-in-Chief  / President ($140 per issue)

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for oversight and direction of the entire operation, as well as final approval of all articles and content. They also are in charge of strategic planning, and deciding what issues the paper should cover.

Managing Editor / Vice President ($100 per issue)

The Managing Editor is in charge of making sure the section editors get their content in on deadline.

Business Manager / Treasurer ($80 per issue)

The Business Manager is in charge of the club’s finances, as well as communicating with and setting rates for potential advertisers.

Layout Editor / Secretary ($100 per issue)

The Layout Editor puts together layout for the final issue every week.

Web Editor / Club Connector ($80 per issue)

The Web Editor is in charge of the paper’s digital apparati – e.g., the paper’s website, social media accounts, newsletter, etc.


Section Editors ($400 per issue)

There are five section editor positions ($80 per week), each of whom will be expected to turn in one article for their respective section per week, as well as proofreading articles in their section as well as at least one other section. Their “beats” are as follows:

News Editor: Hard news pieces relating to Brooklyn College, CUNY, the Midwood-Flatbush area, and New York more broadly.

Features Editor: Broader features stories, ideally with ties to Brooklyn College, CUNY, the Midwood-Flatbush area – e.g., events on campus, profiles of students or faculty, etc.

Arts Editor: Pieces on arts – typically, reviews of recent films, music, etc. Also features pieces tied strongly to the arts. Priority given to arts events on campus.

Opinions Editor: Oversight of op-eds, letters to the editor, weekly columns, etc.

Sports Editor: Coverage of sports – especially local sports, and especially coverage of CUNY athletics events.



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